Natural Newborn Photography in Seattle, WA

My name is Courtney! I am a

Light and Airy, Modern Newborn Photographer

in the beautiful city of


In my natural light studio in
west seattle,
I have the honor of photographing
newborns in a
simple, organic way

After exploring all types of newborn photography, Courtney has become a huge believer in:

minimal props
so nothing can distract from the tiny details

natural, baby-led posing
because capturing their natural movements is documenting their brand new, perfect little personalities

refined portraiture with a touch of lifestyle
finding beauty in both the aesthetic of the portrait and in the interactions between my subjects



“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.”

Andy Warhol

the experience

Seattle Newborn Photography Pricing Information

Pricing is broken down into a session fee + a minimum $195 toward a digital package, seperate from the session fee.

The session fee includes: 

Access to my hand-picked client wardrobe (includes options for dad, mom, and children up to size 8), pre-photo shoot assistance including a thorough guide that has all of my tips and tricks for a successful newborn photo shoot in it,  the time of the session, and hours of post-processing to perfect the portraits. 


For complete pricing and session information, contact me by filling out my CONTACT FORM or by emailing me at

When is the best time to take newborn photos?

I always recommend that we do your newborn photography session between 5-14 days of birth. If you miss this window because your baby was in the NIQU or for any other reason (*ahem, worldwide pandemic*), we can still absolutely take pictures later and they will turn out beautifully! (Check out this blog post that outlines why it is okay to take your newborn photos when your baby is older). 

For this reason, I always recommend moms book their photo shoots 3-6 months before their due date to ensure a spot. However, if you are searching later than that timeframe, feel free to still contact me as I sometimes have last-minute spots that open up!

What do I wear for my newborn family photos?

I know that choosing outfits is one of the most stressful parts of doing a photo shoot, but the clothing you choose plays a HUGE part in the entire aesthetic of the portrait.

This is why I have dedicated time gathering lots of different dreamy and flattering options for the whole family. This includes beautiful dresses that gather in all the right places for mom, some nice neutral shirts for dad, and my older sibling clothes that go all the way up to size 8. 

I highly recommend taking a look at my client wardrobe as I have perfectly curated each these pieces to compliment my white studio and add to the overall dreamy aesthetic of the portraiture.

Where do your newborn photo shoots take place?

All of my newborn photography sessions take place in my natural light studio in West Seattle. 

Is it a family newborn photo shoot or are the photos just of the baby?

Anyone in your immediate family who you would love to be apart of the photo shoot is welcome to join! Capturing those sweet cuddles and connections is one of my very favorite parts about newborn photo shoots. And if the older sibling is shy, we can definitely work around their pace and give them some time to warm up. I also have lots of tricks up my sleeve to get some great smiles out of those stubborn toddlers!

I feel really uncomfortable in front of the camera, will you help me with posing so I don't look awkward?

Absolutely! My main goal is to help everyone feel relaxed, happy, and beautiful. I will definitely be guiding you along the whole way so you end up loving the way you look in your pictures. I’ll also be looking out for any unflattering positions or hair malfunctions the entire time so you don’t have to worry about that. Think of me as that ideal made-of-honor who is always helping their bride look stunning for her photographer. I gotchu. 

See more of my work on the blog!

"Best Newborn Photographer in Seattle"

“Courtney was able to capture the beauty that we see everyday in our babies. She was incredibly patient and creative with our kiddos during the shoot lending a more enjoyable and fun experience for a 3 year old (AND US), while also producing breathtaking photos.”


My name is Courtney Wilde.

3 years ago we moved to Seattle, Washington to pursue my husband's career at Amazon in software development.

Since then, we have had 2 kids, moved around 3 different times, and I've photographed over 100 different families that are apart of this awesome community!

The reason I got into photography was because I wanted to be able to freeze my own children's little faces and personalities, because it all changes in a blink of an eye.

That is why being a newborn photographer has become a very real & personal calling for me. I am so honored that you are interested in finding out more about this experience.

Let's get in touch! | Seattle, WA     

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